Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Wonder of M-type Logic

Earlier today, this happened:

me:  I'm so horny....(honest expression of feeling by someone on her period who wants sex but won't get it)*

Him:  Aw, baby...(attempted sincere sympathy that failed, epically)

me:  ... (sitting in quiet awe of his sarcasm)

After this exchange, I left the room to use the bathroom.  When I came out of the bathroom, He was laying on the bed.  Waiting.  For a blowjob.

After the blowjob, this happened:

me:  How is it that I tell you I'm horny, and you end up getting a blowjob? (honest question asked by slave)

Him:  Well, I felt bad for you, so I thought I'd give you some attention. (M-type logic at work here, people)

me:  That's how it works?  (double-checking the M-type logic by the confused slave)

Him:  Yes, that's exactly how it works. (M-type response, confident in His M-type logic)

So there you have it.  Another fine example of M-type logic at work.  I hope you took notes; this will be on the test.

*I refrain from sex during my period for the following reason, not because I'm squicked out by it, or because Master is squicked out by it, but because I've found that being sexually active while I'm on my cycle makes it last longer.  Since I don't want a longer period, I have one week of abstinence a month.  So how's that for TMI?  And yes, that will be on the test as well. 

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