Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Still Here....

As the title says, I'm still here.  It seems my muse went on a bit of a vacation around the middle of April.  I think she's returned, but I will know for sure when I sit down to write a proper post tomorrow.

There is plenty to write about; He's been spanking my butt, and other private parts, quite a bit lately.  However, it's late and I'm tired, so I will kindly ask for your continued patience.

Tomorrow, a real post, I promise.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Sign of a Good Beating...

So, after He read my last post, Master turned to me and said, "What is your preference for getting beaten today?  Not that you really have a preference, but if you did, what would it be?"

"The belt," I replied, without any hesitation.

I like the belt, His belt.  It's brown leather, worn-in just enough, and it's His.  That's a big part of it for me, that something He wears all the time, out in public, is used to bring me pain.  I like that, in a perverse sort of way.

He must like the belt, too, because that's what He used to beat me, true to His word.  He tied me to the bed, and then He applied the belt to my behind until it felt like it was on fire. No other implement does that, creates that sense of heat on my skin.

It was good.  The pain, the heat, it was all good, really, really good.  And even now, two days later, I can still feel it when I sit down.

That's the sign of a good beating.  And one more reason why I love the belt.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Move Along, Nothing to See Here...

Things have been rather quiet around here, kink-wise, and the blame is all mine.  See, last week I pulled an abdominal muscle, and that pretty much put me out of commission for any kinky-freaky-sexy stuff.  Poor Master had to suffer through three (3!!!!!) long days of no sexual contact before I felt well enough to handle the rigors of a blowjob.

Seriously, if you've never pulled an abdominal muscle, take my advice:  Don't do it.  If you have suffered this type of injury before, then you understand the ridiculous pain involved.  And by ridiculous, I mean as in that's how I felt every time I stood up or twisted my torso...ridiculous that movements we take for granted suddenly become excruciatingly painful.

Anyway, after about a week's worth of rest and ibuprofen, I am feeling much better. Sadly, my return to health also coincides with Mother Nature's monthly visit, so unless He decides to beat my butt either today or tomorrow, we are in for another week of no-kink.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hoppin' Down the Bunny Trail...

Despite my fondness for all things chocolate, the Easter Bunny did not bring me any chocolaty goodies on Sunday.  But I'm not pouting.

Instead of sweets, the Easter-Master gave me a spanking.  While we didn't dye any eggs this year, He managed to color my butt-cheeks pink and red, with some tiny accents of purple, thanks to some help from Mr. Cane.

Not a bad way to celebrate the holiday, even if He did make me cry.