Thursday, October 31, 2013

Boo! Did I Scare You?

Here is an update:

  • There was a beating!  Three days ago, and it was awesome.  It involved back scratching (the hard kind, where He digs His nails into my skin and it feels O.M.G. so painfully delicious), some hand-spanking, and the use of Thud.  It all hurt so, so good.  And it was followed by orgasms for everyone (amazing! orgasms, I might add), which is icing on the cake...tasty icing.
  • We are still busy, so busy these days, and part of the reason is that I've returned to work. And that is a good thing, a really good thing.  My job, while only part-time, is ideal, and while it leaves me tired at the end of a work-day, I get to do what I enjoy doing, and for that I am grateful.
  • I am also grateful for Master.  He is awesome in so many ways, and here is one example. Today I ended up working extra hours, which was good.  Unfortunately, I left behind a rather messy kitchen (which makes me a bad slave, I know, I know).  However, when He brought me home, imagine my surprise when I walked into a SPOTLESS kitchen.  And I mean SPOTLESS.  He did the dishes, ran the dishwasher AND cleaned the counters and stove top.  I love Him so, so much.
  • And last but not least, Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Guess What?

No beating.

As in, there was no beating, and there will be no beating.  No matter what I needed, no matter what I beating.


Because we were busy, and we were tired, and then we were tired and busy, and life, real life, has no regard for kinky-needs or butts that need beating.

And, to top it all off, Mother Nature showed up this weekend for her monthly visit.  Right. On. Time.  She is one punctual bitch, and she doesn't have any regard for kinky-needs or butts that need beating, either.

So, yesterday, I kind of had a pout.  To least I think I kept it to myself---Master may have a different opinion on that, but I tried.  I feel less pouty today, and I will feel even less pouty tomorrow.  And we will again be busy this week, but hopefully by the time the weekend rolls around again, and Mother Nature has departed, we will make time for a little bit of pain.


*crosses fingers*

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Ask and You Shall Receive...

In yesterday's post, I wondered if posting that I needed a beating qualified as the ever-dreaded "Topping From The Bottom."  As I wasn't sure, I said I would ask Master.

Right after He read the post, I said, "Well, is it Topping From The Bottom?"

His response?

"I don't know...It doesn't bother me, so I guess it isn't."

So there you have it.

By the way, I still need a beating.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Bite the Bullet...

This is a bullet post, because I have lots of little, unconnected thoughts floating around in my brain.

  • Master named our new toy "Thud."  For the record, I present this information without comment.
  • We fooled around last night, and after He brought me to orgasm, He came all over my face. A good time was had by all.
  • Our toy box, which is literally a cardboard box, has exploded all over our closet and I need to clean it up and organize it.  I'm putting this here so that I will, in fact, clean it up and organize it. (It exploded quite a while ago...)
  • The other morning, early, Master curled up next to me in bed, ran His hands over and around my curves for a while, then said, "You are a good little slave girl."  Best. Compliment. Ever.
  • I am going to get my hair cut.  Master gave His blessing, and I want to cut off about 12-15 inches.  Now I just need to work up the courage to walk into a salon and get it done.  Yes, yes, I have issues with someone cutting my hair, but I am going to do it.  Maybe next week...
  • I need a beating.  It won't happen today, but maybe tomorrow.  Yes, tomorrow would be good.  No, this is not topping from the bottom, I mean really, I would never...
  • Okay, maybe I would, and maybe it is topping from the bottom.  Or is it?  Perhaps I should ask Master what He thinks.
  • I'm hungry.  I'd also like more coffee, but that's probably a bad idea since I've already had two cups.
  • This is the last bullet.  I will leave you with this photo of Thud.  It's a little more of a close-up, so you can see what the nylon mesh covering looks like.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Meet the Newest Addition to Our Toy Box...

As I mentioned in the previous entry, today was our trip to The Big City.  It was a bit adventurous, but we visited our favorite BDSM Adult Store and made a purchase.

This is what we bought ("we" meaning Master--He picked it out and paid for it):

I'm not really sure how to describe it.  It's 25 inches long, half-an-inch in diameter, and it has a rubber grip on one end.  The body is covered in nylon mesh, the tip is capped with black plastic, and it weighs a quarter of a pound.  It's heavy.  It looks whippy, and it acts whippy, but upon impact, it isn't.

Oh, and it hurts.  A lot.

Once we were back at home, Master tied my wrists together with some purple rope, bent me over the end of the bed, then secured my arms to the headboard with the ends of the rope.  If you asked Him, He would tell you that He gave me a warm-up before using this new toy on me.  He's correct, if you define "warm-up" as two hand spanks on each ass-cheek.  Enough said about that.

The first few strokes with this new toy were all tip; I'm guessing He was getting a feel for the thing. Since I am nothing if not a helpful slave (hah!), I told Him about this.  I said all the energy was going to the tip.  (It felt like getting punched by little tiny fists, which produces a really strange visual, and I apologize for that.)

He changed His swing after my comment, or maybe He changed His position, I don't know because my face was in the mattress and I couldn't see Him.  However, when He hit me with it again, I no longer felt only the tip--I felt the whole thing.  And it was weird (in a good way) because it felt hard, like a cane, but with a deeper, ouchier pain, pain that lingered longer than the pain from a cane stroke.

It hurt, but I liked it (oh how He will love to read that statement...).  I was hoping it would leave some nice marks/bruises, but all it left me with was a really pink bottom.  Clearly we will need to experiment with this thing to determine how hard He can swing it without breaking my butt.

We also need to name this toy so I don't have to keep referring to it as a "thing."  I made a few suggestions, but they did not meet with Master's approval, so now it's up to Him to name it.

Here's one more picture.  If you know what this is called, by all means leave the name in the comments section.  It will be greatly appreciated.