Thursday, June 28, 2012

Knotty, knotty...

Time by ourselves this afternoon led to this:

Those are my ankles/legs, bound my some more of Master's handi-work with the pretty purple rope.  My hands were also bound with purple rope and tied to the bed.

After He finished photographing His knots, Master gave me a beating.  He used His hand, the shoe horn, Mr. Blister, and finally, Mr. Cane.

As usual, Mr. Cane made me cry.  He's mean, Mr. mean.

But I find it very exciting, having my legs bound like that while He hurts me.  The immobility adds to the sense of helplessness and being at His mercy.  And, having my legs pressed together causes a rather intense physical sensation...very stimulating.

The only drawback to this type of bondage, is that He can't fuck me.  And He likes to fuck me while He beats He removed the rope from around my legs about halfway through in order to have access, so to speak.

To sum things up, I was bound, beaten, fucked, and in the end, rewarded with a huge orgasm. 

Time by ourselves is a good thing, indeed.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Grooming...On a Sunday Afternoon

Part of providing service to Master includes grooming Him.  No, I don't mean cutting His hair.  I mean shaving Him...down there.  Yes, I agree, it's awfully brave of Him to let me loose down there with a razor, but it's in my best interest to be very careful.  I'm kinda partial to His privates, so I wouldn't want to damage them.

When I groom Him, He lays on a towel on the bed.  I don't do anything special or use any fancy shaving cremes--just a bowl of warm water and a razor.  I also don't shave the entire pubic area--His preference.  I do, however, shave His balls and around the base of His penis. 

Carefully.  Very Carefully.

And when it's finished, He rinses off in the shower.  Today, after the shower, He showed me how pleased He was with the grooming by shoving His cock down my throat.  

Nothing like a job well done.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

"You look so pretty..."

Master woke this sleepy slave-girl the other morning by wrapping one fist around a handful of long, brown hair, while He used His other hand to administer a sharp spanking.  It wasn't a particularly intense beating, but it woke me up, and it made me excited.

He found out just how excited when He moved His hand in between my legs.  He explored a bit down there, rubbing, caressing, eliciting a few moans from me.  Clearly, for only having been awake for about five minutes, I was more than ready for Him.

And He was ready for me.  His cock was thick and hard, and He fucked me just the way He wanted.  My fingertips found His nipples, and it was my turn to make Him moan as I rubbed circles around them while He rode me.

It was divine.  He fucked me hard and fast, then slowed the tempo, then picked it back up again, and then...

He pulled out.

He moved up by my head, kneeling close.  I looked up at Him and opened my mouth.

And with a few quick strokes of His hand, He came all over my face.  Hot cum splashed on my cheeks, my open lips, my tongue.  He moaned out loud, then shoved His cock in my mouth while His orgasm finished.

Afterwards, He lay next to me, admiring His "artwork."  He told me I looked pretty with His cum all over my face.  He meant it, and I think it made me blush a little.

Such a wonderful Master to spoil His slave girlie with a facial first thing in the morning.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Another Gentle Reminder...

The power went out this last Sunday.  Not much fun on a hot, humid weekend afternoon.  No power means no internet to surf, no television to watch, no air-conditioning to keep us comfortable.  We reported the outage to the power company, who in turn gave us an estimate of three hours until it the power would be restored.

So, with time on our hands, we went to our bedroom to relax and keep cool.  He closed the door behind us, went to the dresser and pulled out a length of purple rope.

"What are you doing?" I asked. 

"Whatever the hell I want to," He replied, in a tone that sent shivers down my spine.

Sometimes I need a reminder like that. A reminder that He can and will do whatever He wants, when He wants, and it isn't my place to question Him.

And since I know you are all wondering what He did with the purple rope, He practiced tying my wrists together.  We weren't home alone (hence my question), so we couldn't get our kinky-sexy-freak on, so He tied and untied my wrists for a while instead.

Practice makes perfect.  And the occasional reminder makes for a better slave.