Saturday, October 4, 2014

Remember Me?

Yes, it's been a while, so don't mind the dust and cobwebs around here.  I haven't "poofed" from the blog-o-sphere without an explanation.

I just haven't written anything.

That doesn't mean there wasn't/isn't anything to write about.  There was/is...but sometimes the words don't come.

A lame excuse, to be certain, but it is the truth none-the-less.

So, as I have said so many times before, we are here, our dynamic is in-tact, and life moves forward as it does.  Work is keeping me busy, and a busy me is not always in the mood for kinky-freaky-sexy stuff at the end of the day.  And, a busy me is not always in the mood to write when kinky-freaky-sexy stuff does happen.

Thus, no blog posts, which makes for a very boring  blog, I know.  I am a bad blogger.  Is there an award for that?  If so, I think I would win.

All that aside, what have we been up to?  He recently passed by where I was sitting one evening and lamented the lack of collar around my neck.  When I nicely pointed out that we are not alone (our college student, who is still in college and working, still lives with us), He sighed.  I offered to put on my outdoor collar, which I wear to work every day, but He said no, and mentioned some of my other in-door collars, which could not be worn for obvious reasons.  It would be difficult to explain to our college student why I was sitting in the living room, watching TV, while wearing a dog's choke chain.  Thus, while at home, I am collar-less.  Away from home, I am collared.  Does that make sense?  It doesn't, but it does, in a very sad sort of way.

Collar issues aside, He has been wanting to indulge in some rope bondage, followed by a good beating of my ass.  Unfortunately for Him, Mother Nature had other plans.  Just as He formulated the type of bondage He wanted to use, and how He wanted to abuse me, Ma Nature decided to visit 4 (yes, FOUR) days early.  Yes, she is a bitch.

Undeterred, He decided He would abstain from pleasure during my monthly visit, as another thing He wanted to do was indulge in rough oral sex that culminated in Him cumming all over my face while I wore my glasses.  He figured that abstaining would increase the volume of cum that covered my face and spectacles after He'd abused my mouth and throat.

However, it appears that I am too much of a temptress; on day five, after fucking my mouth while I lay on my back with my head hanging over the edge of the bed,  He caved.  He ordered me to suck His cock at some ungodly hour, I think around 4am, and that was the end of His plans.

It was a good blow-job, though.

So, that's about it.  Life goes on, and one day we will be alone together, and I will wear an in-door collar, and Mother Nature will play nice, and He will tie me up and beat my ass so that it hurts when I sit while at work....

And hopefully I will blog about it all.

Friday, July 25, 2014


Here I am, back again after saying I'd write more frequently, and I haven't, which makes no sense because there's plenty to write about.  Lazy slave-girl blogger, that's me.

I am currently on vacation, and we are thoroughly enjoying each other's company.  We've eaten good food, watched good movies, followed sports together (it's Le Tour de France at the moment), and we've spent lots of time in the bedroom.

There's no other way to say it:  the sex has been amazing.

And the beatings have been pretty impressive, too.  He's been judicious with the cane, using it to leave lovely marks, and to make me cry.  He also slapped my pussy while I was having an orgasm (first time He's done that), and wow, what a sensation.  I would like to see if I can orgasm from the slapping, which is probably a dangerous thing to say, since He will read this and be only to happy to work on that.

Anyway,  there you have it, a condensed version of what we've been up to these past few weeks. Not terribly titillating, but it will have to do for now.

Sunday, June 29, 2014


It's the little things....

Like when He reaches for you in bed, grabs a fistful of hair, pulls your head back for a moment, long enough to remind you that you are His, then shoves your head down toward His waiting erection...

Or when He puts both hands of top of your head and forces your mouth down on His hard cock, and keeps you there until you are just about to run out of air...

Or when He pushes you over onto your back, kneels in between your legs, wraps a hand around each ankle, spreads you wide open and thrusts His cock deep into your pussy, so deep that it hurts...

As He impales you over and over, He growls, "Is this what you want?"

And all you can do is whisper, "Yes."

Monday, June 23, 2014

An Unlikely Evil Toy...

Like so many other millions (billions?) of people around the planet, Master and I have been wrapped up in the World Cup games for the past ten or so days.  We have managed to catch almost every minute of every game, with a few exceptions.

Yesterday was no different.  We watched the early match between Russia and Belgium, then settled in to watch South Korea face Algeria.  It became apparent, after the start of the second half of the match, that Algeria had the game well in hand, so we decided to take a soccer break and head into the bedroom for some kinky-sexy-fun time.

After making sure I was up for some rough play, (I was---but He was kind enough to ask because He knew I hadn't felt 100% earlier in the day), He bent me over the end of the bed and pressed Himself against my ass.  His hands rubbed my back, over my hips, across my butt...He moaned, I moaned...just touching felt so good.

Then He stepped away and put His hand between my legs.  He rubbed gently, softly, and oh god, did that ever feel good.  It felt even better when He slapped it...not too hard, but just hard enough to make me jump a little.  He repeated this a few times, then went digging around in the drawer where the ouchie-toys live, toys like Mr. Cane, Mr. Blister, Thud, the pretty paddle I got Him for His birthday two years ago.

But He didn't pick any of those toys.  Nope.  He picked this:

Looks harmless enough, no?  Soft rubber handle, light-weight plastic body, pretty, soft purple feather to top it all off?

Hah!  Guess again!

Oh yes, the pretty purple feather feels wonderful, and ticklish, when brushed against aroused body parts, up and down one's legs, across one's back.  But then there's the light-weight plastic body of the thing.  That's a different story.

Master decided it was very cane-like in design, so He just had to see if it would be cane-like in useage.  The answer is a resounding "NO."  This little guy, so quiet and unassuming, bites. BITES in a big, OUCH, make the slave-girl jump kind of way.

Naturally, this delighted Him to no end, so He put it to good use on my poor sweet spots, setting my poor butt-cheeks on fire.  Once on fire, He fucked me, hard, grinding Himself against my burning ass, His pleasure in causing me double the pain quite evident.  To be fair, I enjoyed it, too. Pain and pleasure mixed together is a heady combination.

We finished things up on the bed.  He brought me to orgasm, which left me a wet, spent mess on the bed, and then He moved on top of me, entered me with His rock hard cock and fucked me until He came.

It was the perfect way to take a break from all of the World Cup action.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Coffee Talk...

This morning, while enjoying coffee together, the topic of conversation turned to gags. He expressed a desire for a ring gag, but He'd also like a spider gag.  Such a predicament...naturally He concluded that it might be best to get one of each, then do some type of 'compare and contrast' testing with them, to see which one He prefers.

Tough job, being the Master.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

"It Looks Like a Kiss..."

"Maybe you should write about it."

He said those words as He admired a bruise on my right hip, a bruise left-over from a beating that took place more than a week ago, a bruise that despite it's age, is still very dark and very purple.

"It looks like a kiss," He added.

I looked at it in the mirror, and He was right.  It looks like a dark purple kiss.

However, the point in all of this is His words, not the bruise.  This was the first time in a very, very long time that's He's mentioned the blog, and my response was to sort of shrug and declare that I didn't know what to do with this place.

And I don't, really, which is the reason for my prolonged absence.  I find my writing to be repetitious and boring, which annoys me greatly as our life is anything but repetitious and boring, yet I am unable to convey that through the written word.

But it doesn't matter what I think about this blog, does it?

He likes it.  He likes to read what I write.  So, if He wants me to write, then I will write, because pleasing Him pleases me.

And in case anyone is wondering why the bruise in question is on my right hip and NOT on my right butt-cheek, well, that's because during the beating He decided it would be cool to give me a racing stripe by smacking me on the side with the cane.  Yeah, I know...

See?  Things are pretty much still the same around here.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

If You Ask, I Will Answer...

March is Question and Answer month here in the blogosphere, and after some consideration on my part, I decided to join along in the fun ('fun' being a relative term here).

So, if you want to ask me a question about anything at all (excluding calculus and physics, because, ew, math), I will do my best to reply with an intelligent answer.

You can post your question(s) in the comment section, or you can email them to me at the email address shown over in the right hand column, that-a-way --------->

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Something Kinky This Way Comes...

There's been some kink around here for the past few weeks.

Yesterday Master paddled my behind.  And He was kind enough to start nice and slow, before ramping it up to the point where it felt like the edges of the leather were slicing into my butt cheeks. I wasn't restrained, so when I tried to stand up in protest, I was quickly pushed back into place.

It was very exciting, and some very hot sex followed the paddling.

And last weekend, we did something...different.  I thought it was kinky, which surprised Master, who thought it was just really good sex.  After I tell you about it, you can come to your own conclusion.

See, about two weeks ago, I got a new pair of glasses.  New prescription (I can see!), new frames (no more granny-glasses!), the whole package.  Master was there when I picked out the frames, so they had His seal of approval.  I have to say, the new frames are much sexier than the old ones. The old ones really did look like granny would wear them.

Now here I am, with my new shorter hair, and my new sexy glasses, and Master starts to think about...things.  So last weekend He suggested that I shower, shave and make myself pretty...and to put my hair up into two ponytails.  Being a good slave-girlie, I did as instructed, and when I emerged from the bathroom, I was quickly ordered to sit on the little stool.

Some very, very rough oral sex followed, with my ponytails providing handy handles for Master to grab onto while He choked me with His cock.  Repeatedly.  At one point I pushed against His thighs because I was afraid I was going to throw up, but fortunately, that unpleasantness was avoided.

Once He was finished ravishing my face, He ordered me to put on my new glasses and lay on the bed.  He straddled my face, erection in hand, and I swirled my tongue around His balls while He stroked His cock.  I licked and sucked and He stroked and stroked and eventually, He came.  All over my new glasses.

Actually, there was cum everywhere. It coated my glasses, it was in my hair, on my cheeks, in my mouth and, sadly, up my nose.  I was a messy girl.  And Master loved it.

Afterward, He regretted not taking a photo of my messy face, but then realized that we would just have to do it again so He could get a picture.  I'm okay with that...except the cum-up-the-nose part. That was not fun.

Can you see why I thought this was kinky?  Cumming on a girl's glasses seems kinky to me, but maybe I'm wrong.  Kinky or not, it was lots of fun to try something new.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Just Can't Get Enough...

We had sex today, rough sex, the kind of sex where He makes it very clear who is in charge.  He grabbed me, pinched my nipples, pushed me up against the wall and kissed me hard.  Then He put His hands on my arms and moved me down onto the little stool.

The little stool, which is very low to the ground, has one purpose:  oral sex.  When I sit on the little stool, my face meets up with His crotch at just the right height.  Mouth, meet cock.  Today wasn't about sucking, though.  Today was about getting my face fucked.  Hard, deep, and fast, with His hands on the back of my head.

So deep that breathing was optional.  So hard and fast that at times, I seriously thought I was going to vomit.  My eyes teared up, snot started to flow, drool was everywhere, and it wasn't pretty.

But I sure was turned on.  He was too, but you already knew that.

When it was all over, we talked about it, about the roughness of it.  I said I liked it.  I like when He is uber-Dominant, when He takes what He wants, when He is rough.  I like that He didn't restrain me.  I like having to keep my hands still, to refrain from pushing Him away from me when I can't breathe.  I like the feel of His cock pressing hard against the back of my throat.  I like the flood of panic when I can't get enough air.  I like to gag on His cock right up until the edge of throwing up. I like having to take it.  I like that He makes me take it.

Twisted, yes, but it's a rush.  All of it.

We should do it more often.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


As I got ready for work yesterday, all showered and made-up and getting dressed in my work-clothes, I turned to Master and said, "I really like my hair this length.  I think I'll keep it this way."

He gazed at me, and replied, in a rather dry manner, "You may keep it that way."

Oopsie.  See how easy it easy for that pesky little Master/slave thingie to slip a person's slave's mind?

Without missing a beat, I quickly said, "Yes, Master," and gave Him a kiss.

But I am very glad He will let me keep it this length.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

It's done!

I did it.  I got my hair cut.  Seventeen (17) inches all gone.

Master went with me to the salon, and His first comment when He saw it was, "It's short." (Imagine a very gruff, Domly "It's short.")

He seemed displeased, but He says it looks better and healthier, and that if it makes me happy, then He's happy.  When we got home I pulled it back into a ponytail and showed Him that there is still plenty of hair for Him to grab onto, when the need arises.  That seemed to make Him happy.

Me?  I love it.  And the folks at the salon were kind enough to put it into ponytail and cut it first, so that I could take it with me in order to donate it to Locks of Love.  Then they washed and trimmed it for me.  So it was win-win.  It feels great, looks soooooo much better...and Master can still grab a fistful when He fucks me.

However, Master says no photos.  So, no short hair photos.  But you all have good imaginations, so put them to use.  Hee hee....

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

No More Split Ends!

Tomorrow is the big day.

At 1pm, I am getting my hair cut.

First time in over ten years.

I feel very happy about this.

Pics to follow.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Food Can Wait...

Master picked me up from work last Thursday, and on the way home I noted that I was hungry, and then listed several different things we could eat once we arrived home.  "We have some things to do first," He said, "before we eat."

"We do?" I asked, like a dummy, wracking my brain to figure out what needed to be done.

"Yes," He replied, "I'm going to beat your ass."  He continued, quite serious as He added, "And I don't think you want a belly full of food when I shove my cock down your throat."

I think I squeaked out an "Okay" and squirmed in my seat a little.  Clearly, food could wait.

As I've noted before in this blog, He is a man of His word.  He did indeed beat my ass, and was nice enough to start with the purple flogger.  It's been quite a while since my butt had a beating, so the flogger was a nice way to ease back into things, so to speak.  The flogger felt nice, it hurt but the pain wasn't overbearing.  It was a good pain, the kind you can sink into and then float away.

However, that didn't happen, because He's a Sadist, and soon He abandoned the flogger for Thud. This produced a new pain, a sharp biting pain with a little punch at the end of it, all over my backside.  Thud didn't stick around for too long, though, as Thud was abandoned for Mr. Cane.

Once He had Mr. Cane in His hand, Master grabbed my ponytail, wrapped it several times around His hand, and pulled my head back, hard.  He applied the cane hard and fast, and that rapid caning gets me every time.

I cried.  More evidence of my membership in the wimpy-slave girl club.

He took pity on me, I think, and told me to climb on the bed.  He brought me to orgasm, which was divine.  Post-crying orgasms always are.

Once I was satiated, He told me to lie sideways on the bed with my head hanging over the edge. With my mouth at just the proper height, He stood in front of me and shoved His cock into my mouth.  He held onto my tits and fucked my face good and proper, and ultimately rewarded me with a mouthful of cum.

So, continued proof that we are not vanilla...not by a long shot.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Idle Hands...

You know the saying, "Idle hands are the Devil's workshop"?  Or it's variation, "Idle hands are the Devil's playground"?  Well, I've written another variation:  "Idle hands are the Sadist's workshop."

See, we'd been planning to play this weekend.  We had the house to ourselves for the first time in what seemed like forever, so playing was the plan.  However, the weekend arrived and the days passed...without any play.  We were busy doing stuff and the timing just wasn't right.  There was good sex, but no ropes, toys or pain.

I wasn't upset (really, I wasn't), but on Monday night I asked Him if we were vanilla now.  It was a semi-serious question, but given our mutual perceived lack of interest in anything kinky these days, I felt it was worth asking.

His answer was a resounding "No." (Imagine a very manly, very Domly, very firm, "No.")

Of course, me being me, I replied with, "Are you sure?"

His answer was a resounding "Yes." (Again, imagine a very manly, very Domly, very firm, "Yes.")

Yesterday, on our last day of having-the-house-to-ourselves-time, He showed me just how non-vanilla we are, and how crafty/sneaky He is.  After tying me spread-eagle on the bed, He told me He had a surprise for me, a new toy, a toy He'd made all by Himself.

It seems on Monday, while waiting for me to finish work, He had some time on His hands (this is where the "Idle hands" quote comes in). He had enough time to make a zipper using twine and wooden clothespins.  He then hid this from me until I was tied up yesterday.

He was proud of His handi-work, and He tried it out on my boobs, my inner-thighs, my sides, and lastly, on my pussy.  If you are wondering if it hurt when He "unzipped" it, it did.  But it was also very exciting, for both of us.  In fact, He liked it so much He plans to make another, longer zipper, maybe even two.

And the zipper-play was followed by a short but very intense round of pussy and breast slapping that brought me to the verge of tears, which showed me that I'm out of practice.  Seriously. I've never cried from a pussy spanking, but I was damn close yesterday.  The word 'wimp' comes to mind.  However, orgasms for everyone followed the slapping, and it was all good.

So, no, we are most definitely not vanilla.  And, idle hands are most definitely the Sadist's workshop.  His zipper is proof.

Friday, January 10, 2014

In Case You Were Wondering...

No, nothing kinky here, sorry.

Yes, it's been a long time since my last post.

No, nothing kinky occurred in the interim.

Yes, that's a long time without kink.

No, I'm not having a pout.

Yes, we are still happy and our dynamic is in place and there's been tons of great sex.

No, He's not having a pout either (see the "tons of great sex"mentioned above).

Yes, there is sexy-freaky-kinky time on the horizon.

No, not this weekend, but the next.

Yes, we will, for the first time in a loooooooong time, have the house to ourselves, and He's already mentioned something about being tied up.

No,  He won't be the one tied up, that will be me.

Yes, I will write about it after it happens.

No, I don't have anything more to say.  For now.