Sunday, January 26, 2014

Food Can Wait...

Master picked me up from work last Thursday, and on the way home I noted that I was hungry, and then listed several different things we could eat once we arrived home.  "We have some things to do first," He said, "before we eat."

"We do?" I asked, like a dummy, wracking my brain to figure out what needed to be done.

"Yes," He replied, "I'm going to beat your ass."  He continued, quite serious as He added, "And I don't think you want a belly full of food when I shove my cock down your throat."

I think I squeaked out an "Okay" and squirmed in my seat a little.  Clearly, food could wait.

As I've noted before in this blog, He is a man of His word.  He did indeed beat my ass, and was nice enough to start with the purple flogger.  It's been quite a while since my butt had a beating, so the flogger was a nice way to ease back into things, so to speak.  The flogger felt nice, it hurt but the pain wasn't overbearing.  It was a good pain, the kind you can sink into and then float away.

However, that didn't happen, because He's a Sadist, and soon He abandoned the flogger for Thud. This produced a new pain, a sharp biting pain with a little punch at the end of it, all over my backside.  Thud didn't stick around for too long, though, as Thud was abandoned for Mr. Cane.

Once He had Mr. Cane in His hand, Master grabbed my ponytail, wrapped it several times around His hand, and pulled my head back, hard.  He applied the cane hard and fast, and that rapid caning gets me every time.

I cried.  More evidence of my membership in the wimpy-slave girl club.

He took pity on me, I think, and told me to climb on the bed.  He brought me to orgasm, which was divine.  Post-crying orgasms always are.

Once I was satiated, He told me to lie sideways on the bed with my head hanging over the edge. With my mouth at just the proper height, He stood in front of me and shoved His cock into my mouth.  He held onto my tits and fucked my face good and proper, and ultimately rewarded me with a mouthful of cum.

So, continued proof that we are not vanilla...not by a long shot.

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