Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Idle Hands...

You know the saying, "Idle hands are the Devil's workshop"?  Or it's variation, "Idle hands are the Devil's playground"?  Well, I've written another variation:  "Idle hands are the Sadist's workshop."

See, we'd been planning to play this weekend.  We had the house to ourselves for the first time in what seemed like forever, so playing was the plan.  However, the weekend arrived and the days passed...without any play.  We were busy doing stuff and the timing just wasn't right.  There was good sex, but no ropes, toys or pain.

I wasn't upset (really, I wasn't), but on Monday night I asked Him if we were vanilla now.  It was a semi-serious question, but given our mutual perceived lack of interest in anything kinky these days, I felt it was worth asking.

His answer was a resounding "No." (Imagine a very manly, very Domly, very firm, "No.")

Of course, me being me, I replied with, "Are you sure?"

His answer was a resounding "Yes." (Again, imagine a very manly, very Domly, very firm, "Yes.")

Yesterday, on our last day of having-the-house-to-ourselves-time, He showed me just how non-vanilla we are, and how crafty/sneaky He is.  After tying me spread-eagle on the bed, He told me He had a surprise for me, a new toy, a toy He'd made all by Himself.

It seems on Monday, while waiting for me to finish work, He had some time on His hands (this is where the "Idle hands" quote comes in). He had enough time to make a zipper using twine and wooden clothespins.  He then hid this from me until I was tied up yesterday.

He was proud of His handi-work, and He tried it out on my boobs, my inner-thighs, my sides, and lastly, on my pussy.  If you are wondering if it hurt when He "unzipped" it, it did.  But it was also very exciting, for both of us.  In fact, He liked it so much He plans to make another, longer zipper, maybe even two.

And the zipper-play was followed by a short but very intense round of pussy and breast slapping that brought me to the verge of tears, which showed me that I'm out of practice.  Seriously. I've never cried from a pussy spanking, but I was damn close yesterday.  The word 'wimp' comes to mind.  However, orgasms for everyone followed the slapping, and it was all good.

So, no, we are most definitely not vanilla.  And, idle hands are most definitely the Sadist's workshop.  His zipper is proof.

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