Tuesday, March 4, 2014

If You Ask, I Will Answer...

March is Question and Answer month here in the blogosphere, and after some consideration on my part, I decided to join along in the fun ('fun' being a relative term here).

So, if you want to ask me a question about anything at all (excluding calculus and physics, because, ew, math), I will do my best to reply with an intelligent answer.

You can post your question(s) in the comment section, or you can email them to me at the email address shown over in the right hand column, that-a-way --------->

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Something Kinky This Way Comes...

There's been some kink around here for the past few weeks.

Yesterday Master paddled my behind.  And He was kind enough to start nice and slow, before ramping it up to the point where it felt like the edges of the leather were slicing into my butt cheeks. I wasn't restrained, so when I tried to stand up in protest, I was quickly pushed back into place.

It was very exciting, and some very hot sex followed the paddling.

And last weekend, we did something...different.  I thought it was kinky, which surprised Master, who thought it was just really good sex.  After I tell you about it, you can come to your own conclusion.

See, about two weeks ago, I got a new pair of glasses.  New prescription (I can see!), new frames (no more granny-glasses!), the whole package.  Master was there when I picked out the frames, so they had His seal of approval.  I have to say, the new frames are much sexier than the old ones. The old ones really did look like granny would wear them.

Now here I am, with my new shorter hair, and my new sexy glasses, and Master starts to think about...things.  So last weekend He suggested that I shower, shave and make myself pretty...and to put my hair up into two ponytails.  Being a good slave-girlie, I did as instructed, and when I emerged from the bathroom, I was quickly ordered to sit on the little stool.

Some very, very rough oral sex followed, with my ponytails providing handy handles for Master to grab onto while He choked me with His cock.  Repeatedly.  At one point I pushed against His thighs because I was afraid I was going to throw up, but fortunately, that unpleasantness was avoided.

Once He was finished ravishing my face, He ordered me to put on my new glasses and lay on the bed.  He straddled my face, erection in hand, and I swirled my tongue around His balls while He stroked His cock.  I licked and sucked and He stroked and stroked and eventually, He came.  All over my new glasses.

Actually, there was cum everywhere. It coated my glasses, it was in my hair, on my cheeks, in my mouth and, sadly, up my nose.  I was a messy girl.  And Master loved it.

Afterward, He regretted not taking a photo of my messy face, but then realized that we would just have to do it again so He could get a picture.  I'm okay with that...except the cum-up-the-nose part. That was not fun.

Can you see why I thought this was kinky?  Cumming on a girl's glasses seems kinky to me, but maybe I'm wrong.  Kinky or not, it was lots of fun to try something new.