Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Oh, He's a Funny One Alright...

Last night we watched RuPaul's Drag Race on Logo.  During a commerical break, an ad came on promoting a new show on that channel, some type of sex-advice show in which viewers ask a panel of "experts" questions about sex.  The promo featured a man calling in to say that his girlfriend just inserted an Alkaseltzer tablet into her vagina, and he wondered if it was safe.  Then this happened:

me:  What?!?  Why would someone do something like that?!? (seriously dumbfounded by the ad)

Him:  Do what? (clearly not paying attention to the ad)

me:  Stick an Alkaseltzer tablet in their vagina.  (still dumbfounded)

Him:  Because their Master told them to.  (He didn't miss a beat)

me:  Oh, nevermind then, just nevermind, nevermind.....(marveling how I walked right into that one)

Him:  What? (laughing, quite pleased with Himself)

me:  No, it's okay, just nevermind...(heavy sigh)

One of these days, I will learn.  But like I always say, probably not.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Blowjob Logic...

It snowed yesterday.  As I stood at the window in the afternoon, watching the first big, fluffy snowflakes come down, Master came up behind me.  With one hand He reached around and grabbed my left breast, squeezing hard and pulling me back towards Him.  With His other hand, He grabbed my wrist and moved my hand back to His crotch.  He was already hard, even before my fingers began to massage His cock.

"What's happening out there?" He asked, speaking softly into my ear.

"It's snowing," I said, continuing to rub His cock.  A few seconds passed in silence.

Then, He announced, "And now it's time for a blowjob."  The connection between the fact that it was snowing and it being time for a blowjob is still unclear to me, but for some reason it made perfect sense to Him.   However, not being one to argue, I followed along like a good girl as He took me into the bedroom.  Once in the bedroom, I made Him happy.

And that's what happened yesterday.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Slap Happy...

Way back in August of last year, specifically here and here,  I discussed my dislike of being slapped in the face.  Also discussed was the fact that Master does like it.  Quite a bit. And back in August, slapping was "the thing."

Then, in the beginning of September, I became ill.  Kinky stuff, slapping included, fell off the map for a while.   Saying goodbye to slapping did not make me sad.

As I recovered, all the kinky stuff slowly returned.  Slapping did not.  At least, not for a while.

It returned about a week ago (maybe a little more than that, I am not positive).  There have been several quick, light slaps, kind of like Master is testing the waters, to see how I react. 

Clearly I have not reacted in a way that would make Him stop.

The other day He put His hand on my cheek and brought His face close to mine.  "One day," He growled into my ear, "I am going to go ahead and just slap you hard."

Smart girl that I am (not), I responded with, "And then what?"

His answer?  "Whatever I want."

Maybe I'll learn, one of these days.  Probably not.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Wonderful Day...

It's been a wonderful day.

We slept in, sort-of, if you think 8am=sleeping in late.  We snuggled for a while, warm and cozy under the covers.  Snuggling led to groping.  Groping led to cocksucking.

Next came coffee (for Him) and tea (for me) while we watched some stuff we had DVR'd.

After TV time,  I made brunch.  We had gluten-free banana pancakes and bacon.  It was delicious.  I use King Arthur brand GF pancake mix---highly recommend it.

Post-brunch, we spent some time on our computers.

Eventually, I decided it was time for a shower.

After the shower, He decided it was time for more cocksucking.  I was happy to comply.  He was more than happy to receive.

Now we are all settled down to watch several hours of football.  We have some good football-watching snack type foods and some adult-type beverages to go along with the snacks.

Yes, it's been a wonderful day.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Double His Pleasure, Double My Pain...

Last week Master gave me the first spanking of 2013.  He seemed, from my perspective (which at the time was bent over and face down into the mattress), to focus on the "Sweet Spot."

Again, from my perspective, the "Sweet Spot" is the area where your thighs and bottom meet.  It's the part of your butt you sit on, when you are sitting upright with proper posture.  It's the part of my ass that least enjoys being spanked (but that's beside the point).

The point is, to be specific, hitting the "Sweet Spot" serves a dual purpose.  It's multitasking, if you will, which is efficient.  Master loves things that are efficient.  So, when He first hits the "Sweet Spot" over and over and over, until it hurts/stings/burns/is-on-fire (take your pick),  He gets pleasure (He is a Sadist, after all).  

But then, when He takes a break from the spanking so He can fuck me from behind, He causes more pain to the "Sweet Spot."  When He enters me , His pelvic region meets up with/presses against/grinds unmercifully against the "Sweet Spot."  This in turn causes more pain/moaning/whimpering from the slave girl, all of which provide Him with even more pleasure.

Efficiency...it's win-win for everyone.  Master gets to double His pleasure and double my pain.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Clover Clamps Are No Bueno...

Our New Year started off the right way.

There was rope, slapping in the most sensitive of places, the purple suede flogger, clover clamps, and the Hitachi Wand.

It was great fun, until He removed the clover clamps from my nipples, right after He brought me to orgasm with the Hitachi Wand.  Then it wasn't fun.  It was "Watch the bound slave girl scream at the top of her lungs and start to sob."  The pain was immense, and my reaction was rather intense.

This freaked out both of us.  He was freaked because while He wanted to hurt me, He didn't want to hurt me like that.  I was freaked out because nipple-ectomies are on my hard-limit list.  End result: we both felt guilty and spent the next hour or so apologizing to each other for what happened.

Eventually we moved past it, and by bedtime things were back to normal with Master laying on His back, enjoying the first blowjob of the New Year from His slave girlie.

And, as a side note, should the clover clamps go missing, well, that would really, really, be a darn shame, now wouldn't it?