Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Slap Happy...

Way back in August of last year, specifically here and here,  I discussed my dislike of being slapped in the face.  Also discussed was the fact that Master does like it.  Quite a bit. And back in August, slapping was "the thing."

Then, in the beginning of September, I became ill.  Kinky stuff, slapping included, fell off the map for a while.   Saying goodbye to slapping did not make me sad.

As I recovered, all the kinky stuff slowly returned.  Slapping did not.  At least, not for a while.

It returned about a week ago (maybe a little more than that, I am not positive).  There have been several quick, light slaps, kind of like Master is testing the waters, to see how I react. 

Clearly I have not reacted in a way that would make Him stop.

The other day He put His hand on my cheek and brought His face close to mine.  "One day," He growled into my ear, "I am going to go ahead and just slap you hard."

Smart girl that I am (not), I responded with, "And then what?"

His answer?  "Whatever I want."

Maybe I'll learn, one of these days.  Probably not.

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