Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Wonderful Day...

It's been a wonderful day.

We slept in, sort-of, if you think 8am=sleeping in late.  We snuggled for a while, warm and cozy under the covers.  Snuggling led to groping.  Groping led to cocksucking.

Next came coffee (for Him) and tea (for me) while we watched some stuff we had DVR'd.

After TV time,  I made brunch.  We had gluten-free banana pancakes and bacon.  It was delicious.  I use King Arthur brand GF pancake mix---highly recommend it.

Post-brunch, we spent some time on our computers.

Eventually, I decided it was time for a shower.

After the shower, He decided it was time for more cocksucking.  I was happy to comply.  He was more than happy to receive.

Now we are all settled down to watch several hours of football.  We have some good football-watching snack type foods and some adult-type beverages to go along with the snacks.

Yes, it's been a wonderful day.

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