Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sometimes, It's What a Girl Needs...

Last night, as we lay in bed, trying but failing to go to sleep, I started to think about sucking His cock.  Really thinking about it, how it would feel at first in my hand, then in my mouth, hard and excited.  I thought about how I would use my lips and tongue to arouse Him and make Him moan with pleasure.  I thought about the taste of those first drops of pre-cum...

Then I realized, I wanted needed to suck His cock. 

So I rolled over to face Him, put my hand on his arm and began to lightly stroke.  I kissed His arm a few times.  When He rolled over on His back, I knew He'd gotten the message.

I moved my hands up under the blanket and toyed a bit with His nipples.  He likes that; they are quite sensitive and playing with them is a turn-on.  Eventually, I slid my hand down His torso to find what I was really after:  His cock.

Using the palm of my hand, I rubbed up and down, letting my fingertips graze against His balls.  Over and over I massaged His cock, and with each pass of my hand it grew harder and harder.  When it was nice and stiff, I said to Him in a very soft voice, "I want to put my mouth on you."

He replied, "Oh, you do?" as he placed His hand on the back of my head and guided me towards His shaft.  I cupped His balls as I placed my mouth around the tip of His cock.  He moaned a little, and I liked that.  I like to please Him in this way.

I worked my mouth up and down His cock, getting it nice and wet, pressing my tongue against the underside.  Soon I found my rhythm, the tempo of motion that's just-right, the swirl of my tongue around the bottom of the tip, up and down...He was moaning, and soon I tasted those first drops of pre-cum.  That made me moan.  It excites me to know He is so excited, to know that I am bringing Him so much pleasure.

He moaned some more, I moaned some more, and then He came, with His hand on the back of my head, pressing my mouth down on His cock as He shot His load into the back of my throat.  He kept me there for a few moments, while His orgasm finished, His cock pulsing in my mouth.

When He removed His hand, I released His cock from my mouth, and swallowed all of His cum.  I felt happy.  He felt good. 

We both felt sleepy.  We talked for a little while afterwards, then drifted off to sleep.

This morning He told me it was a wonderful blow-job, and that He likes it when it's my idea.  Then He added that He also likes it when it's His idea.  Then I pointed out, most accurately, that He just plain likes blow-jobs, no matter whose idea it is.  He laughed and agreed.

Basically, around here, it's blow-jobs FTW! *

*(FTW=for the win, in case you didn't know, or thought it meant something else.)

Sunday, August 26, 2012

An Early Birthday Celebration

Tomorrow is Master's birthday.  Yesterday, since we were home alone and the timing seemed right, I gave Him His birthday present.  A lovely leather paddle, black, with an intricate design stitched into the topside.  It's the first real paddle we have ever owned.

Naturally, He wanted to try it out right away.

If you will remember from my previous post, I stated there were several newly acquired toys still waiting to be used.  I also wrote how He refrained from "opening a big ol' can of whoop-ass on my sorry behind" during my last beating, because He wasn't sure how much I could handle.

He rectified all of those things yesterday afternoon.

First He secured my hands behind my back using our new handcuffs.  Then, He ensured Himself some peace and quiet by placing our new ball-gag in my mouth.  He added a little sensory deprivation by placing the new silicone blindfold over my eyes.  Now all that was left to do was bend me over the end of the bed and try out His birthday present.

There were a few warm-up type swats with the paddle.  Like, maybe, three or four.  After that, it was game-on; the big ol' can of whoop-ass had been opened.  He alternated between the paddle and Mr. Cane  (I don't remember inviting Mr. Cane to this birthday party...), and soon, very soon, my ass was on fire.

The new paddle hurts.  Yes, I am sure you are as shocked as I am.  (Hah!)

The nice thing about the ball gag is that He couldn't understand me when I called Him a motherfucker when He, yet again, wrapped the tip of the cane around my right hip. Man, does that hurt.  When confronted about it afterwards, He claims His aim was on target, but that I moved.

Um, no.  That does not match my recollection.

However, the good news is, I was able to take what He dished out.  And we both like the new toys, and Master enjoyed His birthday present.

The only sad part, for me, was when I suggested that Mr. Cane ought to be retired, and He said "No."

Can't blame a slave-girl for trying.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Must. Not. Hit. Delete...

I feel I should write something here...I've started a few times, then stopped and hit the delete button.  This time, however, I will exercise some "delete button" willpower and see this thing through.

First of all, we are fine.  There just hasn't been a whole lotta kink going on around here.  No real reason other than life, stuff happening, not enough hours in the day, etc.  He gave me a beating the other day, but as I haven't been feeling all that great, He held back.  He told me He wasn't sure how much I could take.  I wasn't sure either, and I was glad He didn't open up a big ol' can of whoop-ass on my sorry behind.  What He gave was just right, and the sex was pretty good, too.

That's about it for kink.  We have several new toys we haven't played with yet, and probably won't any time in the near future, thanks to Mother Nature's monthly visit, which is scheduled for next week.

Whew!  I made it to the end without deleting my text.  Maybe when He reads this, I will get a gold star.  Or an orgasm.  Or both.  Why not?

Edit to add:  He has not slapped me since that last post on slapping.  Either it's a trick and He's playing some Jedi-mind game, or I am really good at reverse psychology.  Don't ask me to explain that.  Let's just say that I win.  It won't last, but for a few moments, Victory will be mine.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

"I'm Gonna Slap You Silly..."

In case you were wondering, as I am almost certain some of you are, He slapped my face one time last night, and several more times today.  Honestly, I've lost track of how many times today; let's say more than five times but less than ten.

I still do not like it.

But I did like it when He tied me to the bed earlier, fucked me until I came, then untied me and had me suck His cock until He came in my mouth.

That was fun.

Afterward He told me He thought about slapping me while I had my orgasm, but decided not to.  He didn't want to ruin it.  (All together: "Awwwww.   What a nice Master!")

I told Him I fully expected Him to so do (because I know how His devious, evil little mind works), and was surprised when He didn't do it.

But I still don't like it.  Nope.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

"...Like Any Good Master Would..."

Yesterday, during a bout of spontaneous sexual activity, He slapped my face.  A sharp crack across my right cheek,  hard enough to sting, but not so hard as to cause any damage or leave a mark.

This is not an activity I enjoy.  However, it is an activity He enjoys.  In the past He has lightly, very lightly slapped my face, enough to annoy me, not enough to cause any real pain.

Yesterday, it caused pain.  And I didn't like it.  But He did.

Later in the evening, we discussed the slap, and I was upfront about not liking it.  My opinion seemed to amuse Him, and this was His response:

"I'm going to keep slapping you until you like it.  Just like any good Master would."

And that ended the conversation.