Saturday, October 4, 2014

Remember Me?

Yes, it's been a while, so don't mind the dust and cobwebs around here.  I haven't "poofed" from the blog-o-sphere without an explanation.

I just haven't written anything.

That doesn't mean there wasn't/isn't anything to write about.  There was/is...but sometimes the words don't come.

A lame excuse, to be certain, but it is the truth none-the-less.

So, as I have said so many times before, we are here, our dynamic is in-tact, and life moves forward as it does.  Work is keeping me busy, and a busy me is not always in the mood for kinky-freaky-sexy stuff at the end of the day.  And, a busy me is not always in the mood to write when kinky-freaky-sexy stuff does happen.

Thus, no blog posts, which makes for a very boring  blog, I know.  I am a bad blogger.  Is there an award for that?  If so, I think I would win.

All that aside, what have we been up to?  He recently passed by where I was sitting one evening and lamented the lack of collar around my neck.  When I nicely pointed out that we are not alone (our college student, who is still in college and working, still lives with us), He sighed.  I offered to put on my outdoor collar, which I wear to work every day, but He said no, and mentioned some of my other in-door collars, which could not be worn for obvious reasons.  It would be difficult to explain to our college student why I was sitting in the living room, watching TV, while wearing a dog's choke chain.  Thus, while at home, I am collar-less.  Away from home, I am collared.  Does that make sense?  It doesn't, but it does, in a very sad sort of way.

Collar issues aside, He has been wanting to indulge in some rope bondage, followed by a good beating of my ass.  Unfortunately for Him, Mother Nature had other plans.  Just as He formulated the type of bondage He wanted to use, and how He wanted to abuse me, Ma Nature decided to visit 4 (yes, FOUR) days early.  Yes, she is a bitch.

Undeterred, He decided He would abstain from pleasure during my monthly visit, as another thing He wanted to do was indulge in rough oral sex that culminated in Him cumming all over my face while I wore my glasses.  He figured that abstaining would increase the volume of cum that covered my face and spectacles after He'd abused my mouth and throat.

However, it appears that I am too much of a temptress; on day five, after fucking my mouth while I lay on my back with my head hanging over the edge of the bed,  He caved.  He ordered me to suck His cock at some ungodly hour, I think around 4am, and that was the end of His plans.

It was a good blow-job, though.

So, that's about it.  Life goes on, and one day we will be alone together, and I will wear an in-door collar, and Mother Nature will play nice, and He will tie me up and beat my ass so that it hurts when I sit while at work....

And hopefully I will blog about it all.