Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Very Kinky Afternoon, Part Two

...He untied the ropes, helped me sit upright, then told me it was "Time for a change in position."

He told me to stand up and turn around.  He then tied my hands behind my back.  Gently, He guided me over to the wall and instructed me to sit down, with my back against the wall.  It was a little difficult with my hands tied up like that, but I managed.

So there I was.  Sitting down, back against the wall, hands tied behind me, my hair in two braids.  He surveyed the situation, decided that he most definitely found it favorable, then reached for the Whitehead gag.  I opened wide, and He fastened it in place.  Can you guess what happened next?

He was rock hard when He shoved His cock into my mouth, and it didn't take long for the stream of drool to start (sorry if I squick anyone out here...if you have drool issues, you can skip to the next paragraph).  He was not gentle.  He fucked my mouth hard and deep, which, while turning Him on, hastens the flow/amount of drool.  And that turns Him on, too.  Within a few minutes, I was a drool covered mess, and He couldn't have been happier.

Eventually all good things must end, so the Whitehead gag was removed.  But He wasn't finished. 

He reached out and grabbed hold of the braids, one in each hand.  They were long enough He could wrap them twice around His hand.  Holding onto the braids, He thrust His cock back into my mouth.  Again, He fucked my mouth hard, pressing deep, making me gag, holding me there, forcing me to take it, take Him...

Until He came.  Then He let go of the braids.  I was untied.  Somehow, I manged to get up and stand on two very wobbly legs.  It took quite a while for me to come down to Earth.  The entire afternoon had been very intense.


Later that evening, He asked me what my favorite part of the whole experience was.  I couldn't give Him an answer then; I was still processing everything.  Now, however, I can give Him an answer,  Enough time has passed for me to reflect on what took place.

My 'favorite' part was when He grabbed hold of the braids.

At that moment, I was His, we were connected, and He was going to use me.  Submission wasn't an issue.  I wasn't giving Him anything.  He was taking what He desired, what was His, what He owned.  It was rough and messy, it wasn't pretty, but it was what He wanted.

And that's how it should be.  Always.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Very Kinky Afternoon, Part One

Yesterday was the start of our last weekend alone.

It began with a request:  "Today, when you do your hair, you will put it in two braids."  He emphasized this by reaching out with both hands and grabbing fistfuls of hair.  He didn't elaborate or explain why he wanted braids, but He tugged on my hair until I realized a "Yes, Master" was needed.  Then He let go and went about His business.

I got the message.  After I showered, shaved, and dried my hair, I did something I haven't done in years.  I parted my hair down the middle of my head and braided it.  Two very, very long braids, and there was some swearing involved.  My hair is long--hangs down to my ass--and my fingers were out of practice, hence the swear words.

However, the look on His face when I emerged from the bathroom made it all worth it.  His smile was priceless.  The braids, clearly, were pleasing.  There was also something a little...scary....about His grin.  I told Him so.  He laughed.  It was not comforting.

He ordered me to sit on the end of the bed, then He got busy with the ropes.  When He finished, I was tied to the bed, on my back, hands tied to the headboard, feet to the side posts, legs bent.  Completely exposed. 

His hands gently caressed my thighs and lightly brushed across my pussy.  Instant turn-on.  But He didn't stay gentle for very long.  He gave my pussy a beating.  He started by spanking, then used the leather flogger, the suede flogger, and finally, Mr. Blister.  Every so often He would stop and rub His hand over the stinging skin, soft and teasing touches, before returning to pain.

At one point He spread my lips and pinched my clit, HARD; I almost came when He did that.  Then I heard the sound of CLAMPS.  A clamped clit?  No, no, no, no, no.  Which is exactly what I said to Him.  I don't think He was going to do it; I think He just wanted to watch me panic.  It worked.

So He put the clamps away and brought out the Hitachi Wand.  It did not take long for me to orgasm.  I'd been on edge the whole time.  After I came He fucked me for a while, then stopped and untied me. 

He helped me sit upright, as I was a floaty-puddle of goo at this point, and He told me, "We're not done.  It's time for a change in position."

This is a good place to stop for now, so this is the End of Part One.  Stay tuned for Part Two, where the secret of the braids will be revealed.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Last Friday Night...

Better late than is the post about last Friday's beating.

Master started with rope, around my upper arms, tying me up in a new way, an unfamiliar way.  It frightened me.  I tried to stay calm, but when He bent me over the end of the bed, the rope bit into my skin.  I panicked.  I told Him it hurt.  I told Him it wasn't going to work.

He brought me upright and untied my arms.  He moved the rope to my wrists, tying them together.  Then He bent me over the end of the bed, and attached the long end of the rope to the headboard.  I wasn't going anywhere, and best of all, I was no longer in a panic.

Once He had me where He wanted me, He said, "Warm-ups or no warm-ups?"  Then He laughed.  Yeah, that was really funny.  (It was, actually). 

Then He warmed me up; no 0-100 this time.  He took it slowly, switching between the floggers and Mr. Blister and His hand.  Occasionally He would stop and fuck me.

About half way through, He took my left leg and moved it up onto the bed so that the left bed post held it in place.  This left me in a most-exposed position, and He took advantage of it to use the flogger on my pussy.

Finally, Mr. Cane made an appearance.  How I hate Mr. Cane; he only wants one thing, Mr. Cane.  He wants my tears.  I fought it, I really did, but as always, Mr. Cane won the battle.  His rapid-fire 'whack-whack-whack' all over already tenderized skin did me in, and I sobbed until He stopped.

He untied me at this point, directed me up onto the bed, and then there were orgasms for everyone.  That always makes the tears worthwhile.

Monday, February 20, 2012

The "Noisy Eater of Kitties"

Master's technique to deal with the cats' unwanted nighttime attention was a success.  Best night's sleep I have had in almost a week, and I felt so much better today.

Here's what He did:  He placed the vacuum right outside our bedroom door and ran the cord into our room, where He plugged it into a power-strip He placed on His nightstand.  When one of the cats came to cry and scratch at the door, He simply hit the switch on the power-strip, which turned on the vacuum.  They ran away as fast as they could when it came to life, as verified by our College Student, who stayed up late and monitored the situation from the living room.  After a few seconds, He turned it off, and eventually they got the point and stayed away from our door.

It might sound kind of mean, since they are already scared of the vacuum, but it is a painless type of aversion therapy, and it worked.  He only had to turn it on twice; they left us alone for the rest of the night.  They were startled, but unharmed, and I got some sleep.

I still need to write about last Friday's beating, but I think I will save it for tomorrow so it has it's own post.  So nothing kinky to see here, not today.  Lots of talk about pussies (see what I did there?), but no kink.  Tomorrow, there will be kink, I promise.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

He really is in control

Sleep has been illusive for the past few days.  This is due mostly to the cats.  The little darlings decided they belong in our room at night.  Until recently, we closed our door when we went to bed, and the cats slept in the living room.

However, they are now crying and scratching at our door in the middle of the night.  We made the bad decision to just let them in with us.  Bad, bad, bad.  They don't sleep with 'us'--they sleep with 'me'; by my feet, on my feet, by my legs, on my legs, up on my pillow, up close to my face....

You get the picture.  No rest for me.

No rest makes me CRANKY.

So what does all of this have to do with a kinky-themed blog--I can hear you asking that, I really can.  And I am about to tie all of this together.

See, today is day 4 of a bad night's sleep.  This morning, after my shower, I started venting my lack-of-sleep frustration to Master.  I vented, whined, complained, as only a sleep-deprived, also starting PMS, middle-aged woman can.

He listened, agreed with me where appropriate, then He got up and walked around to where I was sitting on the bed.  He pressed His crotch against my leg and leaned in and kissed me.  I moved my hand to His cock.  It was hard.  I rubbed it and continued to vent.

Once again He leaned in and delivered more kisses on my neck.  He lowered His sweatpants and freed His hard-on.

Needless to say, a blow-job ensued.

When it was over and we lay on the bed, I started to laugh.  He asked what was so funny.  I said I was laughing at us.  I explained that basically, what He had just done, in a very gentle, loving way, was tell me to just shut up and suck His dick.

Fortunately, He laughed too.  "Would I ever do that?" He asked.

"Yeah, you pretty much just did," I told Him.

In case you were wondering, I haven't complained about anything else since.

EDIT:  In fairness to Master, I need to add that after the blow-job, He went online and researched troublesome cat behavior and found what might be a solution to our nighttime problem.  We will try it tonight, and I will let you know tomorrow if it works.  I'll also tell you about the beating He gave me on Friday--so much to look forward to!

Monday, February 13, 2012

"Warm-ups? We don't need no stinking warm-ups..."

It's Monday morning, early.  The house is quiet, just me, the two cats, and a nice hot cup of coffee.  Quiet time for me to reflect on the first of our three weekends alone...

The beating came Saturday afternoon.  To begin, He unlocked the suitcase that houses our toys, then selected which instruments of pain He wanted to use. 

He picked just about every single one.  I think only the poor Wartenburg Wheel got left behind.

Next He bent me over the end of the bed and went about His business.  No ropes to hold me in place, just me, expected to hold position, His hand at the ready to push me back down if I didn't.

Now, keep in mind that several days prior to this, we had a discussion.  This discussion centered around how long it had been since my last beating, how important a "warm-up" would be, etc.  Those are the things I said to Him.  Clearly, this is what He heard:  blah blah blah "warm-up" blah blah blah, etc.

Because there was no "warm-up."  This should not have surprised me---there is almost never a "warm-up."  There is just "His" speed, and my ass has to work to catch up to it.

So, He worked over my backside pretty good.  He used His hand, the suede flogger, the leather flogger, Mr. Cane, Mr. Blister, His belt, and the long-handled plastic shoe horn that bites.  He also raked His nails down my back, and He whipped my pussy with the tips of the flogger.

When He finished, my ass was bright red.  Glowing.  And sore.  Sadly, there was no bruising, no marks save for the two outlines of the tip of the cane where He wrapped it around the side of my hip. If you ask He will tell you He only wrapped the tip once.  If you ask me, I will show you the TWO marks and rest my case.

Tip-wrapping aside, it was a good beating.  It was followed by good sex.  And my ass is still sore.

Can't wait until next weekend to do it again.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Something is about to happen, something we have been hoping and waiting for.  I've known about it for a few days now, but I've been afraid to write about it.  Afraid I'll jinx it.

But this morning I feel brave, so I will share the news:

We have the next three (3) weekends to ourselves.  All alone, just the two of us. 

He's already let it be known that there will be pain.  That's a good thing; it's been so long since I've had a beating that my butt is way out of practice.

I can't wait.  I feel like a little kid at Christmas time.