Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Last Friday Night...

Better late than is the post about last Friday's beating.

Master started with rope, around my upper arms, tying me up in a new way, an unfamiliar way.  It frightened me.  I tried to stay calm, but when He bent me over the end of the bed, the rope bit into my skin.  I panicked.  I told Him it hurt.  I told Him it wasn't going to work.

He brought me upright and untied my arms.  He moved the rope to my wrists, tying them together.  Then He bent me over the end of the bed, and attached the long end of the rope to the headboard.  I wasn't going anywhere, and best of all, I was no longer in a panic.

Once He had me where He wanted me, He said, "Warm-ups or no warm-ups?"  Then He laughed.  Yeah, that was really funny.  (It was, actually). 

Then He warmed me up; no 0-100 this time.  He took it slowly, switching between the floggers and Mr. Blister and His hand.  Occasionally He would stop and fuck me.

About half way through, He took my left leg and moved it up onto the bed so that the left bed post held it in place.  This left me in a most-exposed position, and He took advantage of it to use the flogger on my pussy.

Finally, Mr. Cane made an appearance.  How I hate Mr. Cane; he only wants one thing, Mr. Cane.  He wants my tears.  I fought it, I really did, but as always, Mr. Cane won the battle.  His rapid-fire 'whack-whack-whack' all over already tenderized skin did me in, and I sobbed until He stopped.

He untied me at this point, directed me up onto the bed, and then there were orgasms for everyone.  That always makes the tears worthwhile.

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