Thursday, February 28, 2013

X Marks the Spot...

This is my 100th post, and no, it will not be monumental or extraordinary.  Like the other 99 that came before it, it will just be another post.

So, let's January I made a concerted effort to blog more frequently, and I was successful.  Then January ended, and so did the success:  blogging ground to a halt.

Maybe January was just too cold for my writing muse, so she packed a bag and headed to Miami or someplace warm.  I don't blame her; I'm over this winter and cold weather. Spring can come along any day now. Tomorrow would be good for me.

As for He and I, we are doing just fine, and lately the sex has been amazing.  Seriously amazing, even when it is of the vanilla variety, it's amazing.

There has been some kinky sex, too.  Two days ago He bent me over the end of the bed and secured my hands to the headboard using a long length of purple rope.  He then proceeded to rake His fingernails across my back, diagonally,so that the red marks left behind formed an 'X'.

When it was over, He told me the scratching had gone on for ten minutes (yes, He watched the clock).  I was surprised; ten minutes seems so long, but in the moment, time seemed to fly by quickly.  Perhaps that's because I enjoy that activity so much.  The pain is much different from a caning or a paddling.  It's deep, it burns, it hurts, and I just float away on it.

Anyway, that's where we are, here at the end of February.  Let's hope my muse returns for March.