Monday, February 20, 2012

The "Noisy Eater of Kitties"

Master's technique to deal with the cats' unwanted nighttime attention was a success.  Best night's sleep I have had in almost a week, and I felt so much better today.

Here's what He did:  He placed the vacuum right outside our bedroom door and ran the cord into our room, where He plugged it into a power-strip He placed on His nightstand.  When one of the cats came to cry and scratch at the door, He simply hit the switch on the power-strip, which turned on the vacuum.  They ran away as fast as they could when it came to life, as verified by our College Student, who stayed up late and monitored the situation from the living room.  After a few seconds, He turned it off, and eventually they got the point and stayed away from our door.

It might sound kind of mean, since they are already scared of the vacuum, but it is a painless type of aversion therapy, and it worked.  He only had to turn it on twice; they left us alone for the rest of the night.  They were startled, but unharmed, and I got some sleep.

I still need to write about last Friday's beating, but I think I will save it for tomorrow so it has it's own post.  So nothing kinky to see here, not today.  Lots of talk about pussies (see what I did there?), but no kink.  Tomorrow, there will be kink, I promise.

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