Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Oh, He's a Funny One Alright...

Last night we watched RuPaul's Drag Race on Logo.  During a commerical break, an ad came on promoting a new show on that channel, some type of sex-advice show in which viewers ask a panel of "experts" questions about sex.  The promo featured a man calling in to say that his girlfriend just inserted an Alkaseltzer tablet into her vagina, and he wondered if it was safe.  Then this happened:

me:  What?!?  Why would someone do something like that?!? (seriously dumbfounded by the ad)

Him:  Do what? (clearly not paying attention to the ad)

me:  Stick an Alkaseltzer tablet in their vagina.  (still dumbfounded)

Him:  Because their Master told them to.  (He didn't miss a beat)

me:  Oh, nevermind then, just nevermind, nevermind.....(marveling how I walked right into that one)

Him:  What? (laughing, quite pleased with Himself)

me:  No, it's okay, just nevermind...(heavy sigh)

One of these days, I will learn.  But like I always say, probably not.

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