Monday, June 23, 2014

An Unlikely Evil Toy...

Like so many other millions (billions?) of people around the planet, Master and I have been wrapped up in the World Cup games for the past ten or so days.  We have managed to catch almost every minute of every game, with a few exceptions.

Yesterday was no different.  We watched the early match between Russia and Belgium, then settled in to watch South Korea face Algeria.  It became apparent, after the start of the second half of the match, that Algeria had the game well in hand, so we decided to take a soccer break and head into the bedroom for some kinky-sexy-fun time.

After making sure I was up for some rough play, (I was---but He was kind enough to ask because He knew I hadn't felt 100% earlier in the day), He bent me over the end of the bed and pressed Himself against my ass.  His hands rubbed my back, over my hips, across my butt...He moaned, I moaned...just touching felt so good.

Then He stepped away and put His hand between my legs.  He rubbed gently, softly, and oh god, did that ever feel good.  It felt even better when He slapped it...not too hard, but just hard enough to make me jump a little.  He repeated this a few times, then went digging around in the drawer where the ouchie-toys live, toys like Mr. Cane, Mr. Blister, Thud, the pretty paddle I got Him for His birthday two years ago.

But He didn't pick any of those toys.  Nope.  He picked this:

Looks harmless enough, no?  Soft rubber handle, light-weight plastic body, pretty, soft purple feather to top it all off?

Hah!  Guess again!

Oh yes, the pretty purple feather feels wonderful, and ticklish, when brushed against aroused body parts, up and down one's legs, across one's back.  But then there's the light-weight plastic body of the thing.  That's a different story.

Master decided it was very cane-like in design, so He just had to see if it would be cane-like in useage.  The answer is a resounding "NO."  This little guy, so quiet and unassuming, bites. BITES in a big, OUCH, make the slave-girl jump kind of way.

Naturally, this delighted Him to no end, so He put it to good use on my poor sweet spots, setting my poor butt-cheeks on fire.  Once on fire, He fucked me, hard, grinding Himself against my burning ass, His pleasure in causing me double the pain quite evident.  To be fair, I enjoyed it, too. Pain and pleasure mixed together is a heady combination.

We finished things up on the bed.  He brought me to orgasm, which left me a wet, spent mess on the bed, and then He moved on top of me, entered me with His rock hard cock and fucked me until He came.

It was the perfect way to take a break from all of the World Cup action.

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