Sunday, June 17, 2012

"You look so pretty..."

Master woke this sleepy slave-girl the other morning by wrapping one fist around a handful of long, brown hair, while He used His other hand to administer a sharp spanking.  It wasn't a particularly intense beating, but it woke me up, and it made me excited.

He found out just how excited when He moved His hand in between my legs.  He explored a bit down there, rubbing, caressing, eliciting a few moans from me.  Clearly, for only having been awake for about five minutes, I was more than ready for Him.

And He was ready for me.  His cock was thick and hard, and He fucked me just the way He wanted.  My fingertips found His nipples, and it was my turn to make Him moan as I rubbed circles around them while He rode me.

It was divine.  He fucked me hard and fast, then slowed the tempo, then picked it back up again, and then...

He pulled out.

He moved up by my head, kneeling close.  I looked up at Him and opened my mouth.

And with a few quick strokes of His hand, He came all over my face.  Hot cum splashed on my cheeks, my open lips, my tongue.  He moaned out loud, then shoved His cock in my mouth while His orgasm finished.

Afterwards, He lay next to me, admiring His "artwork."  He told me I looked pretty with His cum all over my face.  He meant it, and I think it made me blush a little.

Such a wonderful Master to spoil His slave girlie with a facial first thing in the morning.

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