Sunday, June 24, 2012

Grooming...On a Sunday Afternoon

Part of providing service to Master includes grooming Him.  No, I don't mean cutting His hair.  I mean shaving Him...down there.  Yes, I agree, it's awfully brave of Him to let me loose down there with a razor, but it's in my best interest to be very careful.  I'm kinda partial to His privates, so I wouldn't want to damage them.

When I groom Him, He lays on a towel on the bed.  I don't do anything special or use any fancy shaving cremes--just a bowl of warm water and a razor.  I also don't shave the entire pubic area--His preference.  I do, however, shave His balls and around the base of His penis. 

Carefully.  Very Carefully.

And when it's finished, He rinses off in the shower.  Today, after the shower, He showed me how pleased He was with the grooming by shoving His cock down my throat.  

Nothing like a job well done.


  1. I think I might have a heart attack...

  2. @lil--That's how I felt the first time I groomed Him. I must have asked, "Am I hurting you?" every thirty seconds. But I've gotten more comfortable with the process over time. Now I only ask, "Am I hurting you?" about once every two minutes.