Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Bite the Bullet...

This is a bullet post, because I have lots of little, unconnected thoughts floating around in my brain.

  • Master named our new toy "Thud."  For the record, I present this information without comment.
  • We fooled around last night, and after He brought me to orgasm, He came all over my face. A good time was had by all.
  • Our toy box, which is literally a cardboard box, has exploded all over our closet and I need to clean it up and organize it.  I'm putting this here so that I will, in fact, clean it up and organize it. (It exploded quite a while ago...)
  • The other morning, early, Master curled up next to me in bed, ran His hands over and around my curves for a while, then said, "You are a good little slave girl."  Best. Compliment. Ever.
  • I am going to get my hair cut.  Master gave His blessing, and I want to cut off about 12-15 inches.  Now I just need to work up the courage to walk into a salon and get it done.  Yes, yes, I have issues with someone cutting my hair, but I am going to do it.  Maybe next week...
  • I need a beating.  It won't happen today, but maybe tomorrow.  Yes, tomorrow would be good.  No, this is not topping from the bottom, I mean really, I would never...
  • Okay, maybe I would, and maybe it is topping from the bottom.  Or is it?  Perhaps I should ask Master what He thinks.
  • I'm hungry.  I'd also like more coffee, but that's probably a bad idea since I've already had two cups.
  • This is the last bullet.  I will leave you with this photo of Thud.  It's a little more of a close-up, so you can see what the nylon mesh covering looks like.

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