Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Move Along, Nothing to See Here...

Things have been rather quiet around here, kink-wise, and the blame is all mine.  See, last week I pulled an abdominal muscle, and that pretty much put me out of commission for any kinky-freaky-sexy stuff.  Poor Master had to suffer through three (3!!!!!) long days of no sexual contact before I felt well enough to handle the rigors of a blowjob.

Seriously, if you've never pulled an abdominal muscle, take my advice:  Don't do it.  If you have suffered this type of injury before, then you understand the ridiculous pain involved.  And by ridiculous, I mean as in that's how I felt every time I stood up or twisted my torso...ridiculous that movements we take for granted suddenly become excruciatingly painful.

Anyway, after about a week's worth of rest and ibuprofen, I am feeling much better. Sadly, my return to health also coincides with Mother Nature's monthly visit, so unless He decides to beat my butt either today or tomorrow, we are in for another week of no-kink.

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