Friday, May 18, 2012

Good Girls Know How to Wait

Another Friday, quite possibly my favorite day of the week since it is the start of the weekend.  We will be alone for three days starting tomorrow morning, and we have some new toys to play with.  They arrived in the mail yesterday, but He says we have to wait until we are alone to try them. 

<Insert pouty slave face here.>

But, seeing as I am a good girl and all (hah!), I will wait patiently.  And it's just as well, really, because I haven't been feeling all that great this week.  The last two days have been spent in bed...well, not really in bed, but  rather on the bed, with my laptop, surrounded by a bunch of pillows and two cats.  Bed-rest, I guess you'd call it, and I am feeling better today than I did two days ago, so it must be working.

Well, that's all the news that's fit to print from my little corner of the world.  If the new toys prove to be lots of fun, I will try to post about them over the weekend.

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