Sunday, May 27, 2012

He's a Man of His Word, Alright

He was right, as usual.  He surely did fuck me when He got home yesterday.

But before He fucked me, He beat me until I cried.  No ropes to secure me in place, no warm-up, just 0-60 on my ass.  His chosen speed for the day.

Oh I protested and jumped around, not so gently reminded Him that a warm-up would be nice, told Him that I thought I heard the long-handled shoe horn crack and He should stop using it (it hadn't and He didn't), asked where the flogger was (nowhere to be found, apparently, because He never used it), told Him He was breaking several BDSM rules** when He beat my ass with the long-handled shoe horn AND the cane at the same time (that hurt, yeah), and loudly noted each time the cane wrapped around my hips.

I'm really not sure why He doesn't gag me sometimes.

Probably because when He takes a break during the beating, He likes to come around and stick His hard dick in my mouth.  That does tend to quiet me a bit.

However, He ignored my horrific behavior (I admit, it was less-than-stellar), planted His left hand FIRMLY on my back, and beat me with Mr. Cane.  And Mr. Blister.  Then back to Mr. Cane.  Eventually, I kept still and quiet, and after a long while, I cried.

Then He fucked me.  Just like He said He would.

I just love a man who keeps His word.

**There are no BDSM rules, and for some reason, He never falls for this ruse.   In fact, every time I mention the rules of BDSM , He laughs.  Go figure.

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