Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday's Update...Read About It Here!

Yesterday ended as it began, with a combination of pain and pleasure.  Shortly after climbing into bed, Master started to gnaw on my left nipple while He spanked my pussy.  That was the pain part...the pleasure part was the huge orgasm He gave me, followed by more fucking.

A lovely way to end the day.

Now let's update tranquility's list of strongly suggested activities for the weekend:
  • A beating.  A good, long ass- beating, the kind that takes my breath away and leaves me all snotty and sobbing.
  • A spanking.  On my pussy.  Last time He did that, He briefly (too briefly) parted my labia and got me right on the clit.  I thought I'd died and gone to heaven.
  •  A fucking.  More than one.
  •  A facial.  He's mentioned wanting to cum on my face while I'm crying.  Maybe we can do that this weekend.
  • An orgasmMaybe two.  Three?  I've been a good girl this past week, really I have.
Not too bad.  The only item left standing is the facial, and even though I've already given Him a blowjob this morning, the day's not over yet.

Oh, and my butt still hurts.  Black and blue and purple marks are starting to surface.  It's gonna hurt for a while, or as Master was kind enough to point out this morning, "It's going to hurt all week."

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