Saturday, May 5, 2012

Saturday Morning Update

He read the post I wrote yesterday.  He read it late in the evening, with little comment other than to point out that it was the last day of my period, so we really could not have done much kinky-sexy-type stuff anyway.  This was true, so I agreed with Him.  We spent the rest of the evening watching fighting shows, then went to bed.

Around 7am or so, He got up.  I did not.  He dressed and went to the kitchen and made coffee.  He closed the bedroom door behind Him, so I took that as a sign I could snuggle back into the bed and grab some more sleep.


He came back, I think around 8:15.  I was in fact snuggled into the bed, curled up with His body pillow, and I'd dozed off while He'd been gone.  The crack of His hand on my bare ass woke me up right quick, however.  And He kept going.  He gave me the longest hand-spanking ever, and He managed to pinch my nipple while spanking my ass.  (Multi-tasking for the win!)

Eventually, He let me up so I could go pee, but when I came back He was ready for more.  He bent me over the end of the bed and went back to work on my backside with Mr. Blister and Mr. Cane.

It.  Hurt.

Finally, it hurt enough that I cried.  My tears ended the beating, and they earned me an orgasm.  Such are the benefits of sobbing when shut in a room with a Sadist wielding a cane and a paddle.  Oh and no worries, He had an orgasm, too. 

At this point, in the interest of fairness, I will add that when it was over, He commented on how much it took to make me cry.  He said He kept doing things He thought would bring out the tears, but I just kept on taking it.

And He found that exciting.  It excited Him that He had to hit my ass longer and harder.  Imagine that.  Sadists...

So now let's update tranquility's list of demands suggestions for the weekend:

  • A beating.  A good, long ass- beating, the kind that takes my breath away and leaves me all snotty and sobbing.
  • A spanking.  On my pussy.  Last time He did that, He briefly (too briefly) parted my labia and got me right on the clit.  I thought I'd died and gone to heaven.
  •  A fucking.  Preferably while bound in some way.
  •  A facial.  He's mentioned wanting to cum on my face while I'm crying.  Maybe we can do that this weekend.
  • An orgasm.  Maybe two.  Three?  I've been a good girl this past week, really I have.
Sweet!  The day isn't even half over and look how much has been accomplished. 

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