Sunday, December 18, 2011

Master MacGyver

We have no special plans for Christmas this year, just the two of us home alone together. Technically we will be alone together in three days, but who's counting (He is, that's who).   His children are going out of state for the holidays to visit their Grandparents, and mine are spending Christmas out of state with their dad.  So it will just be us, and we couldn't be happier.

Speaking of Christmas, I posted here about His desire to own a cell popper.  Well, mad-scientist/MacGyver that He is, He informed me today  He figured out how to MAKE one.  Naturally, I protested, said something like, "Oh hell no," which was met with laughter, of course.  Undeterred, I told Him that if He makes His own cell popper, He should test it on Himself.  That would surely put an end to this nonsense, right?  He likes to give the pain, not receive it.  Right? Wrong. "Ok," He said.  "I have a cell I can spare."  Oh, that's just swell...not. 

On the bright side, if He makes His own cell popper, then we will have more to spend at the BDSM store in the Big City.  I'll just focus on that as my ouchie-silver lining.

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