Tuesday, December 27, 2011

"It's like you are in real pain."

Him:  "I was so horny last night.  I think it's the noises you make when I hurt you.  It's like you are in real pain."

Me:  "Um, maybe that's because I am in real pain..."

Him:  Laughter, "Oh you are so funny."

This was part of our discussion over last night's pre-bedtime sex.  We were both tired, and sex wasn't really in the cards.  Once He found my nipple, though, His plans changed.  Not only did He work over my nipple, He also teased and spanked my pussy something fierce.  All of this culminated in some amazing orgasms,  followed by some very deep sleep.

He mentioned another session with Mr. Blister today, but I am not feeling well, so no play-time today.  Not sure what's wrong with me, and I am hoping that after another good night's sleep, I will feel better tomorrow. 

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