Friday, December 30, 2011

I've fallen...

Snippet of conversation that took place after a session yesterday, in which He liberally applied Mr. Blister and Mr. Cane to my backside and made me cry:

Me:  "My butt hurts" (said with puppy eyes and a slight whine, in hope of some sympathy)

Him:  "You must have fallen down." (said with total seriousness)

Me:  "Fallen down??!?  I must have fallen down over and over and over and over and over then."  (said with mock-astonishment)

Him:  "Yes.  And you must have fallen on something hard, since your butt hurts."  (Again, said with total seriousness)

Me:  consumed with laughter

Seriously thought, it was a really good beating.  He slowly ratcheted up the pain until the tears flowed, and it was wonderful.  He also applied the new tiny vice-grips to my pussy, which was new, and He introduced another new toy, which isn't really a toy.

BUT it is evil and ouchie and in the interest of safety/BDSM rules (there are rules to all of this, right?) and all that, it should never be used again.  That evil new toy is a long handled shoe horn, made of very hard plastic that bites and stings, and He likes it because, "I can be really accurate with it."

Accuracy.  I am now wondering if He will draw little bulls-eye targets on my ass next time to test His "accuracy."

Probably shouldn't have written that last bit.  Better quit while I'm ahead, and stop now.

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