Monday, September 3, 2012

"Is Your Coochie Awake?"

Yesterday Master was up early, and He was kind enough to let me continue to sleep.  And sleep I did.  I was all bundled under the covers, sleeping soundly, when I suddenly awoke to find Him next to me, naked, reaching for me, asking me if I was awake.

"No," was my response as I tried to wipe the sleep from my eyes as He pulled away the covers and moved His hand between my legs.

"How about your coochie?  Is your coochie awake?"  That was the next question, and it received the same answer.

"No, my coochie is not awake."

Well, He knew how to wake it up.  One quick slap to a sleeping pussy will wake it right up.

So now that I was more or less awake, He showed me how awake He was.  By moving between my legs and shoving His rock hard cock deep inside me.  He fucked me for a long time, flipped me over, fucked me some more while grabbing my ass, then flipped me back again and fucked me until He came.

Oh yes, it was a good morning indeed.

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