Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cruelty Comes In Many Forms...

He is so mean.

He is evil, and His mind is twisted.

He is cruel beyond belief, the meanest man in the whole entire world.

Why do I say this?  What horrible thing has He done to me, to make me rail against Him in this manner?

Well....this evening He has the remote control.  And He is MAKING ME/FORCING ME TO watch...


I begged Him to change the channel, to find another show to watch, but no.  He LAUGHED at me instead.  A horrible, awful cackling laugh, the laugh of a man who finds great delight in the suffering of His beloved.

All this because I happened to comment the other day that I had never seen the show, and had no interest in doing so.  Mostly because I want to preserve the few brain cells I have left.

So here I am, being subjected to the likes of Bristol Palin and an assortment of other "stars", most of whom are completely unknown to me.  Sigh....

Sadists are so cruel.

EDIT:  Not long after I posted this, less than a minute perhaps, He changed the channel.  Do not think He did it because I was begging and pleading Him to change it, oh no---I think He realized that He would suffer as much as His slave-girlie if He left it on that show.  And while Sadists like to give pain, they do not like to receive it.  So, He changed the channel, and we watched Breaking Amish instead.

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