Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Knocked On My Ass...

I've been sick.  As the title says, I've been knocked on my ass by an infection for the past week.  It was bad enough that Master finally said, "You are going to the doctor," and despite my intense dislike of doctor visits, I had to agree with Him.  It was time to get some help.  

After managing to make myself presentable to the outside world, He took me to see the doc.  I was given medication, which seems to be working, but I am not quite back to 100% yet.

The worst part of this experience, of course, is that roles have been reversed.  He has been taking care of  me; the Master is serving the slave.  He's cooked for me (made me a delicious roasted winter squash soup, among other things), cleaned the kitchen, fed the cats, basically all the day-to-day stuff I normally do.

No, He hasn't vacuumed or cleaned the bathrooms--there is a limit, people.  But seriously, I know that if He had to, He would.  He's that kind of guy, and I'm grateful to be His.

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