Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Morning Turn-ons

Spring has sprung here, everything is in bloom.  It's the best part of the year, except that I find myself somewhat congested these days.  Might be allergies, could be the wacky up-and-down changes in temperature.  No matter the cause, I wake up feeling stuffed-up and dry-mouthed.

So for the past few weeks, before going to bed, I make sure to put a glass of water on my nightstand.

I've written about glasses of water before...what it means when Master brings one to me in the morning (blowjob).  But this morning, the water was already in place.  No sooner did I wake up and then reach over to take a drink, when Master said, "You've had your sip of water."

Dang, that was quick.

And He was ready.  He pinched my nipples for a bit, to make sure I was awake, then He rolled over and I curled up next to Him and stroked His cock, my head resting on his stomach.  Eventually, He placed His hand on the back of my head and moved me into position.  I took His cock into my mouth, and we started the day off right.

When it was over, I asked Him if He had already been thinking about a blowjob, or if He got the idea when He heard me drink the water.  He said He'd been thinking about it, but that when I took the drink of water, it turned Him on.

"Pretty much anything you do with your mouth turns me on," He said, as He ran His thumb across my lips.  Then He moved His hand down to my neck and wrapped it around my throat, gently and only for a moment, a quick reminder of Ownership.  When He let go, it was time to get up and start the day.

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