Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Compare and Contrast...Nipple Clamps

Serendipitously, we found ourselves alone this evening.  He wasted no time getting me into the bedroom, where He promptly tied me up to the top crossbar of our bed frame, standing up.  Tying me up this way served His purpose; He wanted to 'Compare and Contrast' the two types of nipple clamps we own, regular old Clover Clamps, and the toy-like tiny vice grips.

Big fun for Him, not so much for my nipples.  The regular ol' Clover Clamps went on the right nipple, and to put it bluntly, it hurt like a motherfucker.  The toy-like vice grip went on the left nipple, and to put it bluntly, it hurt slightly less-than-a-motherfucker. 

Once He was happy with the clamp placement, He went to work beating my ass.  That left me to balance the pain between my nipples and my ass.  No easy feat, as He wasn't going easy on my butt cheeks.

However, a draw-back to tying me up in a standing position is that He can't fuck me.  So after a few minutes, He untied me and tried to move me, clamps in place, to a bent-over position.  Uh....ouch.  This was painful.  Remember, I had one clamp of each type on a nipple.  This meant the chain was hanging, and as He bent me over and attempted to tie me to the headboard, each chain ended up caught between my body and the mattress.  Painful?  You betcha.

End result?  He had to remove the clamps if He wanted to bend me over.

And that hurt LIKE A MOTHERFUCKER.  It should be noted that as far as removal goes, the good ol' Clover Clamp was FAR more painful.  It felt like my nipple came off when He removed it (no worries, my nipple is still where it belongs).

And, as is His custom, once He had me bent over and tied up, He beat me until I cried.

It was good.  I needed the beating.  As for the "Compare and Contrast" on the nipple clamps, eh, I didn't need that so much. 

But gauging by how hard clamping my nipples made His dick, He did. 

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