Saturday, March 3, 2012

NEWSFLASH: One teaspoon of Honey, please

This conversation just took place:

HIM:  (serious Master voice)  Just so you know, I put one teaspoon of honey in my tea, and it was perfect.

me:  (I said nothing, but I did look at Him and give Him the "thumbs up" sign while chuckling)

HIM:  ... (silence followed by "The Look")

me:  (dissolving into laughter)

HIM:  (serious)  You are supposed to remember this.

me:  (hopelessly lost in laughter) What?

HIM:  (still serious)  You are supposed to remember these things.

me: (still laughing):  Why am I supposed to remember that one teaspoon of honey is perfect?

Him:  (still serious):  Because you know how I like my coffee.

me:  (more laughter)  Maybe I should post about it.

Him: (serious til the end) Maybe you should.  Maybe you should ask what would happen if other slaves laughed when their Master told them how He likes His tea.

As you can see, I am posting about it.  Mostly so there is a written record that ONE TEASPOON (no more, no less) of honey is perfect for His tea, because my memory is like a sieve, and I'll forget.

Somehow I don't think this is the kind of post He was talking about...


  1. (trying to choke back the laughter)

    This i the kind of post that might get your ass beaten, lol.

  2. Yes, I was feeling a little devilish when I wrote it. Fortunately He has a good sense of humor, so He laughed when He read it. That doesn't mean I'm in the clear, though, lol.