Friday, March 23, 2012

An Almost-Weekend Update

So what's been happening here in the House of Oblique?  Here's an update...

  • The weather has been unseasonably warm, but we refuse to turn on the AC in March.  We are getting by with open windows and a box fan.  There is just something wrong about AC in March, if you ask me.
  • Yesterday I did Master's laundry.  While I checked his pockets prior to loading the washing machine, I somehow overlooked the iPod tucked into a pocket of His exercise shorts.  Yes, I washed His iPod.  No, He wasn't angry (yet another reason why I love Him so much).
  • Master has decided He wants a spreader bar.  When I (naturally) questioned the need for this, He said it would make me feel more helpless, and as such, the spreader bar was really for me, not for Him.  Eh, what?  Did anyone follow that logic?  I guess Masters have their own unique logic, so complex, that we lowly 's-types' will never be able to comprehend it.  Yeah, that's it.
  • We will be alone tonight--our College Kid is staying over someplace else this evening.  Master has indicated that my butt will be beaten.  Here's hoping!

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