Friday, November 8, 2013

You Want Me to Sleep Where???

Sometimes, or rather most of the time, I find it difficult to keep a kink-related blog current when there isn't any kink going on in my life.  This is not a complaint.  There's been plenty of great sex going on around here the past week (there always is), but nothing that would fall into the kink/BSDM category.

I think the closest we got to anything kinky was last night, when He told me I was acting somewhat entitled, and perhaps I needed some punishment.  When I laughed at this, He suggested that I might have to sleep out in the living room with the cats, rather than in our bed.

After I somewhat facetiously pointed out that He was being rather mean, He relented, saying that He preferred having me in bed with Him, and He would be unhappy if I wasn't.

Awww....I know, how sweet.

So that's about it as far as kink goes.  Life rolls on, and we continue to find ourselves busy and planning for the holidays.  But if anything truly kinky happens, I will write about it.  I promise.

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