Tuesday, March 5, 2013

March is Question and Answer Month...

Many of the bloggers I follow (see the blogroll on the right side of the page for some excellent reads) have noted that March is traditionally "Question and Answer Month."  Basically, how it works is that you, the reader, get to ask me, the blogger, about whatever it is you are dying to know about me/Him/us/what it is we do.  If you ask a question, I will do my best to answer as honestly and quickly as possible.

However, in order for this to work, you have to submit a question (that's cuz I failed Mind-Reading 101).  You can do this one of two ways:  you can leave a comment on this post, or you can send your question via email to the email address in the right hand column.  It's not a link--I  use a text box to protect against spam--but if you copy and paste it, it should work just fine.

For those of you who are lurkers, feel free to submit your questions anonymously.  I am a big-time lurker, so I understand your apprehension about "de-lurking."  That being said, I don't get many comments, but I would love to have some interaction with those of you who do stop by here every once in a while.  I really am a nice person, and I won't bite, I promise.

So, let's try this experiment and see what happens.


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