Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Question About Slapping...

Hooray! Not long after I hit the 'publish' button on the Question and Answer post, I received a question from Master Dream's precious treasure (you can check out her blog here).  This is her question:

You mentioned last month that you don't like being slapped in the face.  i struggle a bit in this area as well.

Can you please tell me what goes through your mind and heart when He slaps you in the face?

Thank you so much,

Master Dream's treasure 

When He slaps my face, two things go through my mind.  First is fear.  Fear that it will leave a mark, or cut the inside of my mouth, or damage a tooth.  But all of these fears are irrational; He has never slapped me hard enough to do any of those things, and I know He has no desire to cause permanent damage to His property.  However, those fears play on my mind every single time He does it.

The second thing that goes through my mind is anger.  It's not very slave-like, but a quick flash of anger washes over me as soon as it's done.  It does not last long, and I think it's more of an instinctive response than a truly emotional one.

As for what goes through my heart, I still love Him, and I know He loves me.  It would be wonderful to accept the slap with grace, but I don't see that happening any time soon.  I don't think He wants that, either; I think He likes the challenge.

I would like to thank Master Dream's precious treasure for her question.  If anyone else would like to ask a question for Question and Answer Month, you can post it in the comments, or you can email me at the email address on the right side of the page.


  1. Oh hello! I love your colors and I am not sure how I've never been to your corner before. :)

    My husband has recently been experimenting with a little face-slapping with me. I love it when he does all manner of things to my face - smashing it with his hand, covering it up, tapping my cheek with the crop, slapping it with his cock - but slapping with his hand, I don't like. I like the IDEA of it... but the actual event seems to be lacking something. Too much vibration into my skull, I think.

  2. Hi, Conina, and welcome to my little purple corner of the blog-o-sphere. :)

    I think you touched on something important about the slapping issue. I, too, like the IDEA of being slapped, of Him being rough with me, and I like that it turns Him on...but when it actually happens? Not so much.