Friday, July 13, 2012

About Last Night...

Yes, last night saw the return of kink.  All I needed to do was blog that it was missing, and lo and behold, it was found.  Amazing how that works.

But before I continue, I want to thank Ara for giving me The One Lovely Blog Award.  She is too sweet and kind, and I appreciate her thinking of my little blog.  There are some responsibilities that come with the award, and I will attend to those in tomorrow's post.  Master has already deemed that the topic of today's post is what happened last night, so tomorrow I will blog about the award.

So, back to last night....

He dressed me up in my purple leather wrist and ankle cuffs, grabbed some rope, and tied me spread-eagle to the bed.

Then He spent a little time hurting me.  He employed the leather flogger, used His hands, bit hard with His teeth on sensitive places.  Me?  I just sank down into the pain, floated along with it, cried out when it seemed too much, and got really, really turned on.

(Except for the moments when He would touch my feet.  I cannot stand that.  He knows it, which is why He does it.  Sadists...always doing the one thing you just can't handle).

Eventually, all good pain must come to an end, as it was time to get down to the business of fucking.  Which we did. 

This time was different, though, as we used a new toy we recently acquired:  a vibrating cock ring.  This is no cheap novelty item.  It's made of black silicone, is rechargable, and the vibrating portion is quite large, so it covers a large area of my anatomy when He presses against me.  The vibrations are fairly feels really good.

He fucked me for a long time, slowly working me towards an orgasm, teasing my clit with the vibrating portion of the ring.  It was heaven, and finally, with one big thrust, His cock deep inside of me, He pressed hard against me, and I came.  A huge orgasm washed over me...and He kept on fucking.

You ladies know how sensitive your pussy gets when it's in that post-orgasm state, that place where pleasure can tip over into discomfort if there is prolonged stimulation....well, He just LOVES that place.  He loves to take me from ecstasy into agony; I think it's a control thing, but don't tell Him I said so.

He kept fucking me, with the vibrating cock ring still buzzing against me, until I basically just could not take it any more.  Satisfied with His evil ways, He rolled over and let me suck His cock. Which I did, and I did well.

When it was all over, everyone was satisfied.  The Sadist got His fill, the masochist got her fill, and it was all good.

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