Tuesday, May 14, 2013

On Obedience...

Usually, He tells me what He wants/wants me to do, and I do it.  There usually isn't much in the way of protestations, and I almost never say 'no.'   Pleasing Him pleases me, so when He tells me to do something, I just do it, because I really want to make Him happy.

Usually.  Almost.  Until about two months ago, when He asked me to do something that just seemed plain wrong.  Something that was way, way, way outside of my comfort zone.  Something that I just could not see happening ever, no way, no how.  Just no.

What did He ask, you say?

He asked me to cut His hair.

The first thing you must know, is that I have ZERO experience cutting hair.  None at all. This didn't matter to Him one bit.  All that mattered was that His hair had grown too long for His liking, and He wanted me to cut it.

At first I straight out said "No," because I can't cut hair, and the last thing I wanted to do was screw up His hair.  But He didn't accept my answer.  He kept telling me I was going to do it, whether I wanted to or not.

For two whole months, His favorite line of reasoning was, "You shave my balls, so why can't you cut my hair?"

My favorite response was, "No one sees your balls but me.  Everyone will see your hair and know if I messed it up."

No matter, He kept at me, in a very patient, loving way, gradually wearing down my resistance.

Finally, this past weekend, He told me to watch some videos online about using electric clippers to cut a man's hair.  So, I did.  Then, I summoned as much courage as I possibly could, grabbed our electric clippers, told Master to take a seat in the kitchen, and I cut His hair.

It was scary, but I have to say, it turned out pretty well.  Best of all, He was happy with the result; it's nice and short, and it will be cool for the warm summer months.

Obedience is a tricky thing.  Like a dummy, I tend to think I've got it under control. Obedience?  Why it's my middle name, don'tcha know.  However, in this instance, I resisted, and then once I complied, I felt like a fool for saying "No" in the first place.  He knew I could do it, otherwise He wouldn't have told me to cut His hair.  But I didn't listen, and worse, I didn't trust His judgement.  And for that, I am sorry.

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