Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Lesson About Warm-Ups...

Yesterday Master gave me a beating.  And believe it or not, He started with a warm-up.  It's true.  Oh, He will still be known as 'The Man Who Does Not Believe In Warm-Ups,' but yesterday, He started out nice and slow, no zero-to-100.

Of course, this was problematic.

Why?  Well, when He starts slow and gradually builds up the pain levels, I am able to tolerate more pain.  When He goes super fast, I am left moving and squirming and yelping and ready to stop as soon as He starts.

Not so yesterday.  That nice, slow build-up, punctuated by lovely breaks in which He would shove His cock in my pussy and fuck me hard, meant my ass was ready to take whatever He was giving.  He used Mr. Blister (the leather strap) and Mr. Cane (whom I hate), and I soaked up the pain like a sponge.

It was all good until He grabbed my hair, pulled my head back, and said, "Do you think I will stop before you cry?"

It took me a few seconds to respond.  And in those few seconds, a million thoughts flew through my endorphin-addled brain. 

"Tears?  He wants tears?  I'm not even close to crying...this could go on a long time...this could be bad...."

While my mind whirred, I managed to whisper, "I don't know."

His response?  "No, I won't."

He went back to work with the cane.  I went into a small state of panic.  He wanted my tears, and I really didn't think I had any to give Him.

However, He always gets what He wants.  And, giving up my tears really isn't up to me.  He knows what to do to make me cry.  He knows how much I hate when He hits my ass with Mr. Cane in a rapid-fire way.  So He used the cane and the leather strap, hitting me hard and fast, and it didn't take long before I was crying.

Big sobs, tears running down my face.

He likes to fuck me while I cry, which is just what He did, one hand wrapped around my hair, pulling my head back, while He thrust His cock into my pussy.

So what is the lesson to be learned from this?  That warm-ups, while normally beneficial, are decidedly detrimental when the Sadist wants His masochist to cry. 

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