Friday, January 13, 2012

Just like Heaven

Last night, we had amazing sex.  It began, as it often does, with pinching, twisting and pulling of my nipples.  This type of pain play, nipple pain, is an intense form of foreplay for both of us.  By the time His hand moved from my breasts to in between my legs, He was hard, and I was wet.

He spent some time exploring the wetness, teasing me with His fingers.  He also spent some time hurting me down there, pinching and squeezing.  It was good.  Eventually He moved in a little closer and started to tease with His mouth.  The feeling was...delicious.  He worked His magic with His tongue and lips, sometimes using a light touch, sometimes pressing hard into soft flesh.  In the end, as I came, He pulled away ever so slightly, forcing my hips to raise up and follow Him.  That made the orgasm even better, if that's possible.

Then He fucked me, and I all but floated away.  Sadly, our bed is not so quiet, so He stopped after a few minutes.  No matter, as it was my turn to display my oral skills.  I tasted myself as I took Him into my mouth, my tongue pressing against the underside of His cock.  He was very hard.  I kept my lips pressed tightly around His shaft, my mouth sliding up and down while my hand caressed His balls.  He moaned, quietly, and when He finally came, He thrust Himself deep into my mouth, His cum hitting the back of my throat.

Afterward, we just lay there a while, neither of us saying anything, while we slowly returned to Earth. 

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